Welcome to Chinese Family Camp 2012!

Posted By on Jul 24, 2012 | 1 comment

Greetings from Amish Acres! So we’re wrapping up the first full day of Camp. This morning we ate breakfast as it rained (thunder and lightning and all), and then played the first Kingka of 2012. Then the kids learned some ribbon dance moves from our 2012 CFC Resident Artist PeiPei Shen. In the afternoon we played kickball and then cooled off in the pool. In the evening we played Chinese bingo (with Chinese words/characters rather than the usual B-7’s). The apple butter grand prize for adults went to Linda Warenberg, and the rubber band ball grand prize for children went to Mason Lee! We’re wrapping up snack now, which was lots of tasty fruit (including xigua), jiaozi, and egg rolls.

And now some thoughts on the first day from Campers:

i played mah jong and it was fun –Abby K.

i went to the pool. freezing!!! –Jamie Chao

chinese bingo was kinda fun and i got a rubber band ball!!! –Mason Lee

As usual, the kids are all having a blast, swimming and playing together.  The little kids are sitting on the laps of the big kids.  The players have changed, though.  My kids are now holding the younger kids on their laps instead of being the ones on the laps.  They are all growing up so fast!!!

Uncle Dan Rumreich is again running the mah jong game….And snack tonight was dumplings, egg rolls, and fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe, plums).  The 200 dumplings went in a flash, and everything else was gone, too. –Auntie Linnea

And thoughts from the Auntie of the Day–Helen Chang:
I am always amazed that no matter where camp is held it is still Chinese Family Camp. When camp was relocated to Amish Acres my family was unable to attend the first 2 years. Last year, Lan-Jian and I came for the weekend.  We left camp with the warm feeling that is still camp no matter the place.
Enjoy your time here. –Auntie Helen