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CFC Newsletter, Volume 1, Number 3 hits the news stands!

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CFC Newsletter   Appreciation for Debbie Lin-Dyken, long time board member and editor-in-chief of the CFC Newsletter! Click below to get your very own souvenir copy! 4/8/2023 – CFCNewsletterV2I1 11/9/2022 – CFC Newsletter V1N3 CFC Newsletter V1N2 has no link, since it was a Picture Directory for CFC 2022 3/11/2022 – CFC Newletter...

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VCFC 2021 Introductory Sessions

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New to CFC? Need to know more about the VCFC schedule of events and activities? Want to check out your Zoom connection? Want to hang out with Uncle Allen Yang? Want to earn valuable water balloon points? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Join us at one of our upcoming VCFC Intro Sessions to get your questions answered and connect with fellow campers across the country! We may also use these sessions as trial runs for some of the activities we’re planning on running during the week of VCFC. We highly recommend that you attend at least one of the sessions if you did not attend VCFC last year to make sure that your technology setup will work with what we have planned for VCFC. These sessions are currently scheduled for every Wednesday from 8-9pm CT. Please email to get a Zoom invite. VCFC Introduction Sessions Wednesdays – 9PM Eastern/8PM Central/7PM Mountain/6PM Pacific/9AM Mongolia June 16 – Let’s get ready for Virtual CFC 2021! Join us for Zoom check, basic Camp info, Q&A! June 23 – All the above, plus previews of coming VCFC activities! We will also celebrate the summer solstice somehow. June 30 – VCFC activity testing – you will all be our experimental subjects. No animals, humans, or electrons will be harmed during this session. July 7 – TBD, but perhaps fireworks will be involved? July 14 – Final prep, emergency Q&A, chop stick safety check, cooking supply...

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CFC 2021 – It’s another virtually great, Great Camp!

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Hello CFC alumni! We will be offering another FREE and ONLINE version of Chinese Family Camp this year, from July 18-25th. Start saving up your water balloon points for Uncle Lawrence!  

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COVID-19 News

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Hello Campers! I hope this note finds all of you healthy. President Elysa Chao, Past-President Allen Yang and I (Camp Director Lawrence Wang) meet weekly to discuss camp preparations. Our conversations have recently turned to COVID-19 and what it might mean for CFC 2020. As of now CFC 2020 is still set for July, but we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated with any changes. In addition to any actions we may take, we must also honor any decisions that our new host, Cedar Lake Ministries, may make. They have currently suspended services to their guests until May 10th and we will maintain communication with them. In the meantime, we’d like to let you know the following: 1) There will be no late fees for late registrations this year as we realize that decisions with whether to attend CFC 2020 may not be possible prior to our usual registration deadlines. 2) Our discounts (New Camper / Camp Cheerleader / New Location Subsidy) as per our Registration Information Packet will still be in effect for CFC 2020 as long as the full week of camp still occurs. 3) If CFC 2020 is canceled, everyone who has already paid a deposit can either receive a full refund or keep their deposit in place for CFC 2021.  If you have any questions regarding your camp registration or CFC 2020 in general, please email Like all other entities, we will continue to monitor COVID-19. The CFC Board will make any final decisions based on the well-being of our camp family as well as State/Federal guidelines.  We will be in touch again once further decisions are made. In the meantime we will keep you posted via email and here on the CFC website.  Best, Elysa, Allen and...

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CFC 2019 Registration is now open! Let the games begin!

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Click here to go to the Register/Contact Us page Click here to download the Registration form and instructions CFC 2019 – Online Registration Directions...

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CFC 2017 has begun!

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CFC 2017 has begun! We have seriously taken over the Lilac Room at the Amish Acres Inn here in exotic Nappanee, India-na! We have families from all over the country – Illinois. Indiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, New York – with others coming from California and who knows where else? Auntie Vevan and Auntie Karen are leading pre-teen ed, while Auntie Caryn is leading teen ed. [insert rather interesting photo of youth engaged in serious education here]   FORGOT TO BRING! Uncle Allen and Auntie Viv FORGOT to bring: Tie dye inks!!! and even more seriously, the FRIED RICE!!!! Ai Yah! and the video projector (not a big deal Luckily Auntie Helen will be coming in today with all of the above and MORE! Then we ran out of name badge holders and strings, so those of you who are showing up later in the week, please bring your own yarn or string, and something that can hold a 3″x4″ name tag (just kidding, we will be getting more supplies from incoming campers today or tomorrow).  ...

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Another brilliant CFC video!

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If you didn’t quite get the hint from the link on our homepage or from our Facebook page or our YouTube channel, we have a Very Nicely done, professionally produced (well, at least Uncle Mark gets paid to do this kind of thing) video essay providing an audio/visual taste of what Camp is like. In a delightful improvement over Mark’s previous production from 1978, it’s in COLOR! And it didn’t take someone lugging a VCR around on a backpack to capture all the footage. Anyway, please give it a watch if you haven’t already. Just click here and then feel free to reach out to one of us if you have more questions about Chinese Family Camp! Lynn – CFC President – president at Lawrence -Camp Director – physmedmd2 at Allen –  Assistant Web Dabbler – allen at...

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CFC – It’s already Tuesday!!!

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We’ve survived the Ming Dynasty nautical eggs-peditions, transporting hard boiled eggs or magic towels to far off exotic lands (actually the far end of the Amish Acres Inn pool) We re-purposed the “Toviska” song to “Dynasties” and managed to fit in 17 dynasty names, in rough chronological order. Uncle Joe’s finger may have been slightly busted on his final frame at the bowling alley. Lucky that he’s an emergency room doc and knows what to do. We tried applying a tourniquet, to no avail. Everyone’s off to Lake Webster to take a ride on the Dixie. Grandma Jane is taking full advantage of the free labor to have everyone fold paper flowers for her daughter’s wedding coming up in October. We could use YOU here later this week! Ya...

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CFC 2016 starts TODAY!

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These are the voyages of Chinese Family Camp. Our ongoing mission: to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no Chinese-American has gone before! For the 58th consecutive year, we will be learning about Chinese culture and language in our traditional Chinese venue, Amish Acres Inn, Nappanee, Indiana. And we will have the joy of spending time with special friends and family members from across the country. Stay tuned for photos of our adventures this week!

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Chinese Family Camp finally makes it to China!

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Hi Campers! Here’s an exchange I’ve been having with Heather Hwalek, daughter of Ginger Yang-Hwalek, grand-daughter of KT and Heather Yang of the South Bend Yang clan: ====================================== Hello Chinese Family Camp, My name is Heather Hwalek, and I am currently a U.S. Foreign Service Officer stationed in Guangzhou, China.  Our Public Affairs office is coordinating public outreach events centered around Asian Pacific American Heritage Month which is in May every year.  Our outreach seeks to promote the historical connections between the United States and Asia, particularly China, as well as to highlight America’s cultural diversity.  To this end, we are hosting a Cultural Fair at which Asian-Americans can share stories of their heritage to the Chinese and international public. Personally, I grew up hearing stories from my mother, aunts, and uncles about attending Chinese Family Camp in the 1960s and 1970s.  Our family still plays card games that, according to my relatives, were learned at Chinese Family Camp.  My mother says that she believes my grandparents, who settled in South Bend, IN after immigrating from China, had some connections to the founders of Chinese Family Camp. I wanted to share some of that story during the Cultural Fair we are organizing.  Would you be able to explain some of the early history of Chinese Family Camp?  Are there any pictures, throughout the decades, that you would be willing to share with me so that I could integrate them into the presentation?   Thanks so much, Heather   Heather Yang Hwalek 杨荷 Vice Consul 副领事 U.S. Consulate General美国总领事馆 Guangzhou, China 广州,中国 tel电话: (+86) 020-3814-5000 ====================================== To which I replied: ====================================== Hello Heather, Thank you so much for your letter and for re-connecting! Your grandparents were some of the pillars of Chinese Family Camp, and I spent many happy summers and fun memories of Camp with Eugene, Sara, and your mom, usually trying to figure out where Benson had wandered off to, or staying up way too late talking to Eug or Sara about whatever teenagers talk about. Your mother ran the whole music program for many years, as accompanist (no surprise), as well as soloist, managing to create beautiful music from the old, out-of-tune, keys-missing upright piano that they kept in the unheated/un-air conditioned Lodge all summer.   Most of our on-line materials (website, Picasa, Youtube) are from the last 10-15 years, long after the Yang clan moved on. I do have a random collection of CD’s and DVD’s with photos we scanned from the Camp photo albums. I can send you some pictures from various periods of camp, altho I’m in the middle of a pretty tough course in my master’s degree program, so my time is a bit limited. I would also be happy to provide some background history about CFC – my parents were among the founding members back in 1958.   I’m attaching a PPT that our Camp Director Lawrence Wang put together a few years ago for our 50th anniversary celebration that provides some history.   Please let me know how else I may support you in providing materials or information. I can also forward any of your requests to our YahooGroup to see if anyone else can provide you with anything.   Take care and do say hello to your mother and your aunts and...

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