Chinese Family Camp

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美中家營  Chinese Family Camp 2024

Save the Date: July 14-21, 2024

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It's going to be live, really really live, in-person, returning to Cedar Lake, with Real Water Balloons, Whipped Cream and Donut Trees! Come make Dumplings with us!


What is Chinese Family Camp, you ask? Watch our Intro Video:

*View Official Chinese Family Camp History Power Point

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Our multi-family, multi-state, multi-generational, multi-media, multi-ethnic camp has been running continuously, even during COVID(!) since 1958, though we have been able to trace our ancestral camp roots back to the Tang Dynasty (a dynasty also famous for its invention of a popular and refreshing orange flavored beverage) What keeps us going is the strong relationships we've built, a major dose of fun, and committed leaders and volunteers!


In July 2020 and again in July 2021, we managed to create an ENTIRELY VIRTUAL CAMP Online! Campers from West Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Washington, California, Florida, Montana, Oregon, and probably a few more places participated from the comfort of our own homes. In July 2022, we safely returned to in-person camp at Cedar Lake.


CFC 2024 is ON! Join us in Cedar Lake during the week of July 14-21, 2024.


Some of Chinese Family Camp's original campers continue to attend. In fact there are some families that have 4th generation campers in attendance nowadays. We also are delighted to have a strong and consistently jubilant contingent of families with adopted Chinese children, some who have grown up with the camp since the early 2000's.


As in the past, one of the primary goals of Camp is to provide a safe and fun-filled environment where every child can build a healthy, strong and positive self-image in the company of other Chinese Americans. We form deep, decades long friendships among all generations as families and individuals return year after year, and new campers join us for a week of fun!

"We don't know what camp is going to look like in the future.

It could look a lot of different ways.

But this is an incredibly unique and special group.

Stay connected.

Be open to whatever comes and use your gifts to keep camp alive."

-Sheila Wang, 2012


Educational and Fun Activities

Camp activities include Chinese inspired arts and crafts, basic Chinese language and culture instruction, swimming and various sports, evening games, dances, snacks, and many other fun activities.

We have also revived the ancient Chinese art of team body sculpture, as shown in the artistic offering below entitled "Distant Mountain, Falling Water, Some Poems, Don't Have to Rhyme"


A Word About Festival Night

The week of Camp concludes with Festival Night filled with musical performances, skits, songs and lots of laughs!

We have used Festival Night to pursue our long-term project to recover and perform music and lyrics from the dynastic Chinese archives, mostly from those Chinese literati who were able to express their most somber and tragic emotions, often referred to, in American vernacular, as the "Blues."

Recently recovered poetry and musical discoveries include:

Camp Information


July 14-21, 2024

How do I register? Where do I sign? Should I bring my own eggrolls?

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CFC will make its triumphal return in 2024 at Cedar Lake Ministries Camp, Cedar Lake, IN

Interested? Questions? Requests? Please Contact Us!


CFC President Elysa Chao

Camp Director Lawrence Wang