Animated GIF created by Tracey Jen, Campers singing the Camp Song in the background

Photo Gallery

View our 兔 -rrific Rabbit Year Photo Album at Cedar Lake 2023


View photographs of actual CFC’ers live and in color at Cedar Lake at our 2022 CFC LIVE SESSION!

View screenshots and random snaps from our 2nd Virtual CFC 2021 session

View a whole lotta screenshots and random snaps from our 1st Virtual CFC 2020 session

View photographic artifacts from CFC 2019 last year at Amish Acres

Visit our yogile.com crowd-sourced photo site to view photographic remnants of our 60th Anniversary reunion and camp session from 2018


感恩的心 Grateful Heart Donut illustrated by Tracey Jen


Social Media Links

Facebook? Yup, got one of those Right Here:

Our growing collection of slightly viral videos: YouTube

Our massive photo repository: Google+ Photos

And please pay a visit to our ancestral CFC website filled with MORE photos of past CFC sessions and lots of other goodies: www.giantbrain.com/fc

Someone created a CFC Instagram account. Someone else created another CFC Instagram account. Then a third camper set up an Instagram #chinesefamilycamp hashtag thingie which seems to combine the two. I just can’t keep up! What’s with these kids? I mean really…


CFC’s Guidestar listing for all of you non-profit organization groupies. We are a Guidestar GOLD level member.

We have one of those Twitter things too, and we tweet roughly once a year. We’re almost caught up to 2016!

We’re not sure why, but we also have a LinkedIn page