Uncle David Yin Huai Wang

David Yin Huai Wang with wife Lillian at Camp in 2015

David Yin Huai Wang passed away just before midnight Tuesday 11/05/19. Please know that his passing was very peaceful and very quick.

His memorial service was Sunday 11/10/19. Mom wanted to keep the service small but, as news spread from person to person, we ended up having 100+ show up at some point during the service. Chinese Family Camp (CFC) was well represented! The Yu family (Auntie Josephine, Jeff/Mei Ling and Linda) and the entire Rumreich family came as did Tim Ling, Joe Lee and Allen Yang (who flew down!). It was a mini CFC reunion which dad would have loved.

We, the family, attended CFC for the 1st time in 1971 and my dad’s last year at CFC was 2015. Please see attached pictures. He was the camp director in 1975 for the 1st session. For some of you who have attended CFC more “recently” we had 2 sessions back then each 1 week long with different families attending the 1st versus the 2nd session and different directors for each session each year.

Dad will be dearly missed but, as I mentioned during the service, he had a wonderful life; he was 90+ years old when he passed, he was married to my mom Lillian for 59 years, he was adored by family/friends and he was able to build his 1st dream home in 1975 and subsequently the current dream home in 1995 and passed away in this home.

We thank all of you who had interactions with my dad throughout the years and through those interactions made CFC a fun and happy place for him!

-Lillian, Lawrence, Claudia, Clement, Suzanne, Greg, Elise, Sasha, Cord and Evan


From Left to Right: David Yin Huai Wang with his children Lawrence, Claudia, and Clement, and his wife Lillian attending Chinese Family Camp in 1971