Welcome to the CFC Alumni Memorial section.

Chinese Family Camp has been an annual event since 1958. Most of the founding members have passed on and we want to set aside a place to share a bit about them. All of them, just like our current campers, worked to make CFC a great, great camp year after year and also enjoyed bonding with each other to create priceless lifelong friendships.  We hope these pages bring fond memories. We know that your interest in reading about them honors these founding campers and their families.

Lotus Flower Lanterns floating in the swimming pool at Amish Acres


Uncle Henry Tsung Ming Li


Uncle Lee Chang-Li Teng


Auntie Flora Lee


Uncle Zelin Xu


Cousin Maribeth Cox


Uncle Raymond and Auntie Helen Lin


Hon. Norris K. Wang


Auntie Sophie Ay-Fung Loh Chien


Uncle David Yin Huai Wang


Auntie Kiahsuang Lo


Grandpa Weichien Chow


Uncle Bernie Lee


Auntie Dorothy Yang


Auntie Jean Yang


Photo of Water Lanterns floating on Cedar Lake taken by Sabina Wong in 2022