VCFC 2021 Introductory Sessions

Posted By on Jun 15, 2021 |

New to CFC?

Need to know more about the VCFC schedule of events and activities?

Want to check out your Zoom connection?

Want to hang out with Uncle Allen Yang?

Want to earn valuable water balloon points?

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Join us at one of our upcoming VCFC Intro Sessions to get your questions answered and connect with fellow campers across the country! We may also use these sessions as trial runs for some of the activities we’re planning on running during the week of VCFC.

We highly recommend that you attend at least one of the sessions if you did not attend VCFC last year to make sure that your technology setup will work with what we have planned for VCFC. These sessions are currently scheduled for every Wednesday from 8-9pm CT. Please email to get a Zoom invite.

VCFC Introduction Sessions

Wednesdays – 9PM Eastern/8PM Central/7PM Mountain/6PM Pacific/9AM Mongolia

June 16 – Let’s get ready for Virtual CFC 2021! Join us for Zoom check, basic Camp info, Q&A!

June 23 – All the above, plus previews of coming VCFC activities! We will also celebrate the summer solstice somehow.

June 30 – VCFC activity testing – you will all be our experimental subjects. No animals, humans, or electrons will be harmed during this session.

July 7 – TBD, but perhaps fireworks will be involved?

July 14 – Final prep, emergency Q&A, chop stick safety check, cooking supply audit