Camp Fire in 95 degree weather!!!! Ironic bombfire indeed

Posted By on Jul 21, 2011 | 1 comment

Like our tradition having a camp fire at the end of theday is a good way to go, But when your drenched in sweat 95 degrees out and the humidity killing me all I wanted to do is lay in the lillac room with air conditoning blasting. ThoughI cant say i didnt have fun because it was fun. knowing that even adult have there compeitive side. A good example was one of the things on there list was to find the 7th shortest camper. We had all the younger kids line up by shortest to tallest, after some shuffling and debating we concluded that Qiuhu was indeed the 7th shortest camper. Though I didnt stay for the camp fire but I thought it was a good glimspe of the end of the day.

-Abigail Nielsen