CFC – It’s already Tuesday!!!

Posted By on Jul 19, 2016 | 1 comment

We’ve survived the Ming Dynasty nautical eggs-peditions, transporting hard boiled eggs or magic towels to far off exotic lands (actually the far end of the Amish Acres Inn pool)

We re-purposed the “Toviska” song to “Dynasties” and managed to fit in 17 dynasty names, in rough chronological order.

Uncle Joe’s finger may have been slightly busted on his final frame at the bowling alley. Lucky that he’s an emergency room doc and knows what to do. We tried applying a tourniquet, to no avail.

Everyone’s off to Lake Webster to take a ride on the Dixie.

Grandma Jane is taking full advantage of the free labor to have everyone fold paper flowers for her daughter’s wedding coming up in October.

We could use YOU here later this week! Ya coming?