CFC 2012 Day 2!

Posted By on Jul 25, 2012 |

It was a great second day of camp! Kingka coaches have been recruited, teams are forming and practice is in full swing. Tomorrow morning we’ll have the document camera that Uncle Carl sent us in the Barn Grill so we can learn more tricks and hints for learning the Level 2 characters. Our second annual Kingkalympics will be held on Friday. Mason Lee has been promoted from team player to coach. Go Hong, Lu, Cheng and Zi Teams! (Colors, anyone?)

Bowling this afternoon. The Green Team (notice a theme?) of Uncle John, Uncle Greg, Aunt Caryn and Aunt Helen tried hard to out bowl Uncle Joe but Joe Lee made a comeback with four strikes in a row in his last four frames.

Abby, Chrissy and Lan-Jian did an amazing job with the Scavenger Hunt — details on this evening’s Scavenger Hunt tomorrow as there are three minutes to Lilac Room evacuation, according to Uncle Allen.

Good Night All!

–Auntie Caryn