And Home Again . . .

Posted By on Jul 27, 2009 |

How did camp go so fast??

I loved reconnecting – with growing children, with families who share the some of the same values I hold dear (family and friends, honoring our past, trying to be a positive force in the world) and who can give my girls a view of being asian in America that I can’t give them.

Watching the children grow is a joy and overwhelming at the same time. How can Jennifer be starting college? How did Mark go from boy to young man in 12 months? I loved watching my Abby love little Christina, the way the big kids loved her when she came to camp.

We have thousands of pictures to look through (and I’m sure a few more will show up this week as people have time to do that last uploading).

And we have video:

I can’t wait to look at the pictures and vids, since I was too busy at camp to get through much. Take time to comment here about what you see. And if you want to blog and don’t have the username and password, email Mark Chow or me (or go through the chinesefamilycamp yahoo list) and ask – we’ll set you up.

Set aside the same week for next year: July 18-25. We’ll be back at Asian, er, Amish Acres.