Time is going so fast I can’t keep up

Posted By on Jul 24, 2010 |

Last time I wrote this blog it was couple days ago – well tomorrow is the last day. I went shopping for field day with some of the teens then just rested the rest of the day. The dance was tonight, the same DJ was here this year. All the little kids were dancing and having a great time it was fun to watch them dance. I remember when I went to my first Chinese Family Camp dance. They reminded of me of me when I was a younger. There were glow sticks, music, and games. I was so sweaty, not from dancing, I danced some, but it was mostly the humidity in the air.

I think when Sunday morning comes by the time I get in the car all my sisters and me will be crying because camp went just too fast. We hate leaving but we also are glad to see our big dogs. Nemo and Siruis( Named after Nemo the clown fish and Siruis Black off harry potter). So it’s a bunch of mix emotions.

-Abigail Nielsen