The Week Went By Fast! So fast we didn’t write any blogs

Posted By on Jul 26, 2014 |

What happened at Camp this week?  Let’s hear from some teens:

After staying up late practically every night, most of the teens and I couldn’t wake up in time for breakfast each morning. We probably would’ve missed teen ed as well if it hadn’t been for the thunderous knocking on our door for our wake up calls. We also found ourselves falling asleep during our Chinese history films. One important thing I did learn was that when speaking Chinese, you can reply ‘hen you yisi’ to prolong any conversation. I enjoyed reuniting with the rest of the teens and catching up on our lives. One of the most fun things we did this week was working on the teen skit which was basically creating parodies of songs from ‘Frozen’. I had fun all week and I’m sad it had to come to an end so quickly but I intend to stay in touch with all the teens until we can see each other at the teen reunion and CFC ’15.
~Mason Lee