Thanks post camp

Posted By on Jul 28, 2010 |

Since being home and thinking about camp, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who worked so hard to make camp a success. Being the sudo teen chaperone, I have been very lucky to experience and develop my relationships with all of the YA/teen kids. Every year, I look forward to the new teens who will be joining us and the reunion with the teens already in the program. I want to compliment the parents and especially the YA/teens themselves, for being so outstanding. The YA/teens have impressed me yearly not only with their creativity but with their fine examples of leadership, kindness and maturity. They have never failed to rise to whatever occasion we have presented them during the week and have done so without question. Since our first time at camp, I have been very pleased my children have felt the same type of connection I felt as a teen and still continue to feel about CFC. I know all parents are proud of their children but sometimes it’s just nice to hear it from someone else. I am very proud of all of the teens and thankful for the opportunity to be near them (seriously, so glad not sharing a hotel room…ha) for the week. They are all wonderful kids and so proud to know them.

Kinda sorta teen counselor