Miss Breakfast, Stay up til 2am…tradition.

Posted By on Jul 22, 2011 |

Today seemed extremely long, but totally worth it. It began with my sister and I waking up at 10:30, oops. I guess when you stay up late watching a horror movie going over why everything happened. However, our sleep was much needed because it was THE DAY to make jiao dze (jow-dza) aka potstickers aka dumplings aka the best midnight snack ever. All of the little kids helped mix and wrap and when we were finally done, my dad, sister, Krissy, Andrea, and Abby went all the way back to our house to cook them all. After four hours of tedious labor frying and boiling, they were finally complete. We missed dinner, but when we arrived back at the hotel, we were all ready to go swimming. Our swimming time was short lived because my sister brother dad and I went to the show at the round barn theater which consisted of music from the 50s and 60s. The most entertaining part was watching the grandparents dance because our lack of knowledge from that time period. Finally, we came back to everyone playing games such as Mah Jong or just carrying on their own conversations while eating potstickers. This year of camp has really been different without the older “teens”! We miss them all! Now going to play the traditional DUTCH BLITZ!!! peace out.