It CAN’T be 17 Days until Camp!!!

Posted By on Jul 17, 2008 |

17 Days, Campers!! How did this happen?

Do you have your RED Tshirts/Tank Tops to make your camp Tshirt? (Answer here: No)

Are you getting excited? (Answer here: Yes)

Have you dug up those Happy Meal toys to add to the Field Day trinkets? (Answer here: Not yet)

Have you been singing the Camp Grace at meals? (Staring this weekend – really.)

This is our 50th anniversary! We have a wonderful number of campers coming. Let’s make sure we can all sing the grace. To get us started, here is Grandfather Shen leading us:

And here are the words:

And here is what the grace means:

“With grateful hearts we gather,
Through hardship comes our food and drink,
‘Tis grace of God and sweat of men.
We receive with thanks and will serve mankind.”

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