CFC 2017 has begun!

Posted By on Jul 17, 2017 |

CFC 2017 has begun!

We have seriously taken over the Lilac Room at the Amish Acres Inn here in exotic Nappanee, India-na!

We have families from all over the country – Illinois. Indiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, New York – with others coming from California and who knows where else?

Auntie Vevan and Auntie Karen are leading pre-teen ed, while Auntie Caryn is leading teen ed.

[insert rather interesting photo of youth engaged in serious education here]



Uncle Allen and Auntie Viv FORGOT to bring:

  • Tie dye inks!!!
  • and even more seriously, the FRIED RICE!!!! Ai Yah!
  • and the video projector (not a big deal

Luckily Auntie Helen will be coming in today with all of the above and MORE!

Then we ran out of name badge holders and strings, so those of you who are showing up later in the week, please bring your own yarn or string, and something that can hold a 3″x4″ name tag (just kidding, we will be getting more supplies from incoming campers today or tomorrow).