It’s Family Camp 2011!

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The year has flow by and the first full day of Camp for 2011 is now in session. As always, the children have all grown, the adults have gotten older and wiser.

We haven’t had a hot Camp for a while – some days in recent memory have been almost chilly – but this year looks to be a hot one. The first walk between the Inn and the Amish Acres complex seems endless, but after a couple of round trips, seems like normal.
We have use of a new room in the Inn, the Lilac Room. It’s a really nice multipurpose room and is perfect for the Camp “playflow”. It’s a nice central location, air conditioned, with a view out on the pool in case your children are swimming and you want to check on them periodically. A good place for midnight snacks and congregating, and of course the IT department is in full force there, with improve Internet access this year as well.
Hope to post more news as the week progresses, having a good time so far, wish you were here. Pictures are up already – try this:
Let us know if it doesn’t work.
— Mark C.

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  1. Hi all,

    Looks like you guys are all having a great first day. We miss everyone. We’ll keep track of you thru out the week so it’ll almost be like we are there?

    Love all y’all. MeiMin and Family

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