About Us

About Us

Who are we?

The Midwest Chinese Family Camp unites a multi-generational community of extended Chinese American families for a week of fun and recreation in a country inn setting. We socialize, celebrate our culture and heritage, and learn from each other about being Chinese in America. Since 1958, our annual gatherings have continued to create and sustain deep and lifelong friendships that are truly priceless.

What do we do?

Chinese Family Camp welcomes all families who would like to combine their interest in Chinese heritage and culture with the fun of a week-long summer camp.  We’ll be holding this year’s camp at a country inn in Northern Indiana two and a half hours from Chicago.

Our camp has been running continually for almost 60 years!  What keeps us going is the strong relationships we’ve built, a good dose of fun, and committed leaders and volunteers!

As in the past, one of the primary goals of Camp is to provide a safe and fun-filled environment where every child can build a healthy, strong and positive self-image in the company of other Chinese Americans. Deep friendships are built between all generations as families and individuals return year after year.

As we are a diverse group of campers, we celebrate the diversity of all Chinese-American families – some with Chinese immigrant grandparents, some with Chinese-American parents, some blended families, and several families with adopted Chinese children.

If this description of camp appeals to you, we welcome you!  We are convinced that by co-creating our camp together, we all have the power to make this ‘A Great Camp For Us All.‘  We invite you to become part of our large, happy extended family!

Key Contacts

President: Amy Wang – president @ chinesefamilycamp .com
Camp Director/Registrar: Lawrence Wang, registrar@chinesefamilycamp.com